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Kali Manik Eco Resort.

Serene and idyllically situated on the Bali Sea lies Kali Manik Eco Resort.

The resort is set on Bali’s North coast, situated on a wide sand beach with old trees and offers an open view of the ocean and a river as well as an impressive view of Bali’s mountain range.

Kali Manik is perfectly embedded in a beautiful Balinese landscape of paddy fields and lush tropical gardens.

The resort follows a careful and sustainable way with natural and social resources. Design and implementation of up-to-date environmental practices such as waste water gardens, solar heaters, organic fruit and vegetable gardens, garbage recycling, Vetiver plantings etc. are an essential part of our concept.

Skilled local craftsmen have constructed the unique buildings made of natural local materials such as earth, bamboo, wood and stone. Kali Manik Eco Resort offers 3 individually designed cottages and a restaurant on the beach serving international organic cuisine.

The overall area consists of roughly 2,5 acres and only a small part has buildings on it. An extensive organic fruit - flower and vegetable garden and many undisturbed places guarantee to hold many surprises for visitors of all ages.

Seashell cottage on the beach

Scenic estuary at the Eco Lodge At Kali Manik Eco Resort you can enjoy a relaxing holiday and at the same time make your contribution to sustainable tourism on Bali.

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"Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people."

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